Paint market opens spring market, enterprises seize the market


With the successive construction of major petrochemical infrastructure projects in various regions, coatings are an indispensable auxiliary material for anti-corrosion engineering. Its market opens the Yangchun market in April. Coating companies also took the opportunity to take the opportunity to reduce prices and promote "do subtraction" and launch new products "do addition" And other measures to seize the market.

Reduced prices become "killer skills"

It is understood that after the price of Pentium Paint was lowered, Shandong Yizhan Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Aohui Paint Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Yili Paint Co., Ltd. also lowered the prices of some paint products by about 10%. Not only in Shandong, Hebei Chenhong Paint Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jiren Paint Co., Ltd., Huai'an Paint Factory and other manufacturers also lowered the product price by about 10%.

Dai Maozhen, chairman of Shandong Aohui Paint Industry Group Co., Ltd., said that from the perspective of the domestic coating market, the competition in Shandong is the most fierce. The price difference between local Pentium, Lehua, Qilu and other brand coatings is about 3%. Dealers will compare the quotations of various manufacturers when purchasing, giving priority to products with low prices. "In this way, the paint market competition will eventually become price competition. Enterprises with large sales volume share low costs and price competition has a comparative advantage." Dai Maozhen said.

The plunge of raw materials is the main reason

"Another important reason for the company's downward adjustment of paint prices is the plunge in raw material prices," said Lin Zhe, secretary general of the Shandong Paint Industry Association.

In addition, the prices of other paint production raw materials also fell.

"The prices of raw materials for coatings have decreased in varying degrees. The price of xylene, which is the largest amount of use, is almost at the waist, and the cost support for coatings has weakened, and prices have to fall," Lin Zhe said.

Multiple measures and guarantee performance

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In addition to price reduction, some domestic paint companies have also taken other measures to seize the market to complete the sales task.

It is understood that on the basis of price reduction, Pentium Paint also launched a one-time purchase promotion of individual products. For example, dealers bought 10 tons of gray anti-rust paint at a time, and the price will be discounted by another 8%. Other iron red, medium gray and dark gray waterborne steel structure paints are purchased for 100 barrels at a time, the price is reduced from 8 yuan / kg to 7.5 yuan / kg; for a single purchase of 200 barrels, the price is reduced from 8 yuan / kg to 7.2 yuan / kg .

Not only that, Pentium paint industry is further enriching the product line, launched the first self-spray paint in the province, and included it in the promotion ranks.

Gu Shigang, general manager of Shandong Benteng Paint Co., Ltd., said: "Good quality and low price, coupled with the introduction of new products, have become the company's three major tools to occupy the coatings market. In addition, the company has also established water-based paint technology research and development in Shanghai. The center actively uses and connects with international first-line chemical talents and technologies, and implements the market development strategy of going global and introducing. I believe the company will successfully complete the sales task this year. "

It is understood that after the price reduction of the Huai'an Paint Factory in Jiangsu Province, the new dealers were also given 100,000 yuan of shop support. At the same time, they also set up product transit warehouses in logistics centers such as Linyi to shorten the market supply cycle. Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Industry Co., Ltd. also set up a transit product library in Liaocheng and other places to reduce the intermediary's Gary link and directly seize industrial customers such as Luxi Group and Xinfa Group at low prices.

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