Enterprise development, safety first

In order to make all employees of the company understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improve safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, master the facing changes and escape skills of sudden accidents, learn to extinguish fire and evacuate personnel and property in order to ensure the safety of employees and property security, our company organized fire protection training and drills on June 26, 2019.

  • 1806-2020

    Application of curing agent in epoxy resin industry

    Many users will ask merchants to distribute more curing agent when buying epoxy floor paint, because they feel that as long as more curing agent is put in, the curing speed of epoxy floor can be accelerated, thereby shortening the construction time. In fact, this is an unrealistic approach. On the contrary, when more curing agent is added, the curing speed is actually slower, and there may even be cases of non-curing. Why is this?

  • 1305-2020

    Paint market opens spring market, enterprises seize the market

    With the successive construction of major petrochemical infrastructure projects in various regions, coatings are an indispensable auxiliary material for anti-corrosion engineering. Its market opens the Yangchun market in April. Coating companies also took the opportunity to take the opportunity to reduce prices and promote "do subtraction" and launch new products "do addition" And other measures to seize the market.

  • 2904-2020

    Paint Conference

    President of the Future Development said the paint industry should fully complete the goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan

  • 2704-2020

    What is the future of the paint market

    With the continuous progress of real estate projects, various types of real estate have sprung up, so nowadays, the demand for the paint and paint business market is also different in the past. This shows that the prospect of the paint and paint business market is still very good. It is an investment. Value startup projects. Despite the broad market prospects for coatings and paints, franchisees need to keep their eyes open and profit from the brand advantage. When choosing a brand to join, you ca n’t just trust the brand ’s blind recommendation and promotion. You should actively open the brand ’s gorgeous shell and investigate the brand quality and development history. No brand can grow from nothing, so in-depth understanding helps investors understand brand trends and development directions.

  • 2704-2020

    The pace of pharmaceutical equipment going abroad is accelerated, highlighting the strength of domestic manufacturing

    Recently, a pharmaceutical equipment supplier stated that a foreign trade company in Beijing used the Internet platform to look at the company ’s products and found interest, and then decided to come to the company for a site visit after telephone communication. The other party visited the company’s production process and processes. After assembling the finished product and the process of the factory-tested operation test, the inspection results satisfied the customer, and the two parties directly signed a strategic contract.

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