Huicheng "May Day Fun Games 2020"


Style comes from spirit. Hard work, collaboration, and team spirit that continually surpass ourselves can inspire our high-spirited work spirit. Huicheng's work mission is to "create a century-old enterprise and be an industry pioneer". Huicheng's spiritual outlook is positive, harmonious and win-win. On April 30, 2020, the company specially held the "May Day Fun Games 2020" in order to promote the spirit of the team and enrich the spare time of employees,
The sun is shining and the wind is beautiful. Participants are full of spirits, the games are rich and varied, and there are men and women billiards, men ’s and women ’s bowling, women ’s shooting, men ’s basketball.

Concentrating and aiming, the participants on the pool table held their breath and clenched the cue stick. The precise blow attracted cheers and applause from the audience.

In a team of ten bowling game, everyone gathers together to cheer for the hitter and the loser. We always uphold the principle of "friendship first, match second". The sky above huicheng fluttered the sound of laughter and shouting.

The tug-of-war competition of a total of 23 teams in the whole factory compares the momentum, strength and teamwork. The front-line staff are hard-working on weekdays, and today's tug-of-war is showing their style and strength. "One heart, one mind, one city", at this moment, we feel the team indestructible and win-win cooperation

When the cool men's basketball team came out, and the men with vigorous spirit and vigorous posture rushed and scrambled in the basketball court. Here, you can hear the jumping youth notes and feel the burning fiery passion. They represent sunshine, youth, health. They are sporty and energetic. Active and healthy are the characteristics of young people in the new era.


 The sports meeting officially ended at 16:30, but the sports spirit will still inspire us to be "higher, faster and stronger" in future work, unite together, be proactive, and build a harmonious and beneficial together.

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