• Product NameMethylhexahydrophthalic anhydride
  • Molecular FormulaC9H12O3
  • Molecular Weight168.19
  • Purity99%
  • AppearanceColorless and Clear liquid

Product Details

Quick Details

  • CasNo: 25550-51-0
  • Molecular Formula: C9H12O3
  • Appearance: Colorless and Clear liquid
  • Purity: 99%

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  • Molecular Formula:C9H12O3
  • Molecular Weight:168.19
  • Appearance/Colour:Colorless and Clear liquid 
  • Vapor Pressure:1.37E-13mmHg at 25°C 
  • Refractive Index:1.52 
  • Boiling Point:300oC at 760mmHg 
  • PKA:4.12[at 20 ℃] 
  • Flash Point:140oC 
  • PSA:43.37000 
  • Density:1.162g/cm3 
  • LogP:1.26630 

Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride(Cas 25550-51-0) Usage



Chemical Properties

colorless clear


Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride, hexahydrophthalic anhydride, and 4-methylphthalic anhydride were evaluated as curing agents with 4-methylimidazole as a catalyst. They are widely used in various industries: aerospace, defense, construction, energy, and transport.



ChEBI: Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride is a cyclic dicarboxylic anhydride that is the cyclic anhydride of methylhexahydrophthalic acid. It has a role as an allergen and a curing agent. It is a cyclic dicarboxylic anhydride and a tetrahydrofurandione.


Methyl hexahydrophthalic anhydride is produced from methyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride by catalytic hydrogenation. It is a high-performance product among acid anhydride-type solidifying agent.

XLogP3-AA 1.5
Exact Mass 168.078644241 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass 168.078644241 g/mol
Complexity 246

Flammability and Explosibility



MHHPA must be stored away from open flames or other potential ignition sources, and should be protected from moisture, because it easy crystallizes when it's in contact with the humidity of the air. When some crystallization occurs, check the properties before reusing.


1.What is the Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride ?

Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride is a cyclic dicarboxylic anhydride that is the cyclic anhydride of methylhexahydrophthalic acid.

2.What is the CAS number for Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride ?

The CAS number of Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride is 25550-51-0.

3.What are another words for Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride ?

Synonyms for Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride 25550-51-0:1,2-Cyclohexanedicarboxylicanhydride, methyl- (7CI,8CI);Albidur HE 600;Araldite HY 917J;B 650;EpiclonB 650;H 678;HN 5500E;Hexahydromethylphthalicanhydride;Lekutherm Hardener M;Methylhexahydrophthalic acid anhydride;NH8210;Rikacid Me-HHPA;T 6000B;Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride;

4.What is the molecular formula of Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride?

The chemical formula of  Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride is C9H12O3 which containing 9 Carbon atoms,12 Hydrogen atoms and 3 Oxygen atoms,and the molecular weight of  Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride is 168.19.

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