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R&D ability

As a national high-tech enterprise, there are a number of R&D organizations in Puyang Huicheng now, which includes enterprise technology center of Henan Province, Organic small molecule luminescent material engineering technology research center of Henan Province, post-doctoral research and development base in Henan Province, electronic packaging materials engineering laboratory of Henan Province, etc. Under the supports of 3,000 square meters of R & D building and professional pilot plant, we have the basic conditions to undertake major research projects and engineering ability to transfer research achievements.

There are 292employees in our company. 127 of them are technical persons who have college or higher degree and 67 specialize in research and development. Nine of them are postgraduates, 51 have bachelor degree. There are 21 people who have intermediate and senior technical titles. Among them 6 people have senior technical titles and 15 have intermediate technical titles. Each of them has the complementary advantages in management, technology, production, marketing and financial aspects. So it help our company get coordinated development in many aspects. At the same time, we establish talent introduction policies and attract a number of outstanding college graduates to join our R & D team. We commit to making innovations on the development of new products, technologies and services.

Technology Center of Huicheng is responsible for the whole process management of new products and processes research and the related technical management; which constantly improves product performance, directionally improves product features according to customer demand, provide the technical training for sales department and the technical service for customers. Huicheng has formed a sound R&D system with reasonable structure and coordinated operation.



Technological achievements

Since founded, Huicheng has own 36 patents, 25 of which are patents for inventions (three foreign patents) and 11 are patents for utility models. Among them, the patents “one method for producing liquid tetrahydrophthalic anhydride” and “One method for producing hexahydrophthalic anhydride by using C4 hydrocanbons” won the 10th and the 16th China patent excellent award. 9 patents pass the scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and 9 ones win the science and technology award of provincial and ministerial level or above.



Technical advantages