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    Methy Tetra-Hydro Phthalic Anhydride 11070-44-3

    Methyl tetra-Hydro Phthalic Anhydride (MTHPA) has been used in the curing agents for epoxy resins, solvent-free paints, laminated boards epoxy adhesives and so on. When used in the curing agent for epoxy resins, there are many excellent performances such as the long-term storage at room temperature, low freezing point, low volatility and low toxicity. Also widely used in motors, dry-type transformers, high voltage switches, transformers, line-output transformers, appliances capacitors, integrated circuits impregnation, casting and winding.

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  • 0407-2019

    Enterprise development, safety first

    In order to make all employees of the company understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improve safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, master the facing changes and escape skills of sudden accidents, learn to extinguish fire and evacuate personnel and property in order to ensure the safety of employees and property security, our company organized fire protection training and drills on June 26, 2019.

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